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About Us

About Quobotic

Quobotic Consulting Pvt Ltd is a consultancy IT firm whose aim to provide cost effective cutting edge technologies with proper solution.

Each project is different, but they all have one thing in common – a need for decisive, informed, and often urgent action. And because that need is at the heart of everything we do, it has come to shape every aspect of our business..

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Experience from the Beginning

We recruit the highly qualified professionals in the business from a wide range of backgrounds, so when we take on a project, we bring diverse ideas and knowledge as well as specific industry experience and functional expertise to the table. But if we feel we can’t make a difference, or if we think there are other advisors who might be a better fit for what you need, we’ll say so up front. We’ll even point you in the right direction. We won’t just tell you what we think you want to hear – as trusted advisors to companies, business leaders, owners and boards is one of our greatest assets. Viewed in aggregate, Quobotic Consulting is unmatched in the depth and breadth of expertise we bring to bear on our clients’ behalf.

Products We Offer

IIOT & Industry 4.0

Providing SaaS based solutions for Industry 4.0, Healthcare and Surveillance using IOT & AI for Last-mile Automation.


AI enabled Deep Learning based technology where Breast Cancer can be predicted and Diagonised accurately based on Mammograms.

Wito Ambulance

Wito Ambulance Service is convenient and easy to get from mobile app. If you are looking for an ambulance on urgency, you should consider a Wito Ambulance service.

Services We Provide

Software Consultancy

Customised web based Software as per requirement,Software and Process Flow along with Software Maintenance.

Database Support

Our consultants, supporting different database systems with solutions for backups, performance issues & database design.

Database Cloud Migration

Migration of Existing Database from Baremetal to Oracle Cloud from hetrogeneous environment along with zero downtime.